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Top 7 strategies to Increase your PPC campaign performance in 2020

From the past couple of years, PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising has turned out to be one of the finest online marketing solutions for businesses. In the world of digitalization, this sort of marketing has an imperative influence on the achievements of an online business. PPC ads increase the brand awareness and also enhance sales for the company. Even a Popular search Network Google, has confirm that search ads can raise the brand awareness by 85%. It is a well-known platform that helps to controls your marketing cost and allows you to monitor ad performance in a real-time.

If you are running the successful PPC campaign for your company but not getting the sufficient output then check out the given below strategies:

Specify Well-Defined Objective: It is important to determine specific goal to optimize your PPC campaign. If you don’t have proper address to follow, you won’t be able to reach the precise location. Thus you need to specify what you wanted to achieve from the paid ads. Depending on your business requirement you goals could be

  • Getting traffic to your website
  • Improving sales
  • Getting subscribers or downloads

Always select the precise and clear objective and inspire your team member to work towards the achievements of your business goals.

Make use of high-performance keywords: With the help of keyword planner tool you can create a keyword list based on your business website analysis. To accomplish the success of PPC campaign you need to use high performance keywords. Thus it is crucial to check the performance of keywords before using them into the ad copy.

According to the digital marketing institute, an average PPC campaign develops all of its sales only with 13% of its keywords. Thus avoid using too many keywords in the same PPC campaign. Make your aim to use the keyword that has relevancy in your ad copy, high performance lick through rate (CTR) and landing page experience.

Write Engaging Ad copy:  An interesting ad copy plays a crucial role in determining the success of your campaign. So put all your efforts into making convincing and appealing ads.

Check out certain rapid instructions to compose outstanding PPC ads:

While creating an ad copy there is always a restriction with a character limit, you need to write appealing ad copy. Your ad copy should precisely state about your unique selling proposition (USP) and why people should select you from others.

  • Try to be as reliable as possible. Make use of proper landing page with appropriate keywords.
  • Develop fascinating Headlines
  • Add a convincing call-to-action button
  • Make use of dynamic words such as instant, offer, Hurry, Exclusive, free, today only and so on.

Use Remarketing in adwords campaign: Remarketing are the best option to reach missed opportunities. You can make use of remarketing strategies to target those who have already viewed your product or services. There are number of ways to enhance the performance of remarketing to boost your conversion rate and get the better return on investment.

Use Ad extensions: Ad extensions are the best way to highlight more about your product and services in your ad copy. There are number of extension that can be used effectively in the ads such as call out extension, site link extensions, location extension, structure snippet, price extensions etc. Since there are assured character limits while framing the ads so one can make effective use of extensions to describe more about their business.

Optimize your campaign for mobile users: Today, when 60% of audience are using smart phone, one cannot take the risk of avoiding these users while creating PPC campaign. So make sure your website is mobile friendly so that you can get maximum benefits out of PPC campaign. Pay attentions towards the short-tail prime keywords as mobile users do not prefer to type in long search queries.

Keep Track on your PPC campaign: To get the success in Pay per click campaign advertisers need to spend maximum hours in tracing the campaigns and analyzing the reports. Google ads can be connected to Google analytics where the paid campaign reports can be traced easily.

However, no matter how big and small your business is, Pay Per Click marketing can assist you to get higher visibility on search engine and enhance conversion rate. To ensure your campaign is working efficiently as per the strategy then you need to follow the above given tips.

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