B2B Search Marketing is Very Difficult

If you are a B2B service provider, it is not easy to be the first choice of the buyers. These days, without performing an overall B2B online marketing research, the buyers do not decide to buy your services. Statistically, the B2B clients search for at least 10 options, before they finalize a service provider.

Therefore your website must contain the essential data and impressive content for keeping the buyer hooked throughout his research phase of selecting an appropriate B2B service provider. You must provide them with the detailed information about the solutions for their challenges and rightly portray yourself as the leading player in the area of your service solutions.

As a B2B solutions provider you must succeed at:

  • Longer Sales Procedures: The services and the products are getting more and more complicated and costly. You should be able to provide your clients with the solutions catering to all the complexities of the services you offer, at the cost for money budgets.
  • Handling the Competition in the Market: Due to the presence of strong competitors, it is challenging to make the mark in this saturated marketplace. You must be proficient at providing the unique solutions catering the customized requests of your clients.
  • Niche Market specifics: Innovative products are directed at specific sectors with unique challenges for unique customers. It is important for you as a service provider to deeply understand the needs of your business and provide the appropriate solutions catering to theses needs.

B2B SEO is incredibly Crucial for Great Business Results

Wonderfully performed SEO guarantees that the search engines will up-rank your content if it meets the quality standards of Google. This is an essential step in the field of B2B search engine marketing. Google’s algorithm tries to find content which is most relevant to the search request. The algorithm up-ranks the websites which have the organic and useful content based upon the user experience (UX).

SEO Audits for B2B Technologies

We at MintMedia with our team based out in Mumbai, India provide a comprehensive, B2B SEO strategy to our clients. The B2B SEO services at MintMedia start with the complete analysis of your existing website. Then we might suggest a complete revamp of your site based upon the historical data and the existing structure of your website. We, as one of the most popular B2B SEO agencies in Mumbai, provide various facilities through our Audits, which might help you in achieving:

  • Exponential Rise in your Ranking in the Google Search Results.
  • Increase the position of your website and make your website outperform the websites of the competitors.
  • Grow your visibility and reputation in the eyes of the B2B buyers.
  • Convert your traffic into the leads and the leads into the business growth.
  • Obtain and learn from the feedback from your visitors and make the necessary modifications based upon that.

B2B SEO is a Continuous Process

The SEO audit cannot be done for a single instance. The algorithms For the maximum business output the SEO needs to be kept under observation. also, the search queries and their effectiveness also changes over time.

After completing the B2B Technology SEO Audit, we, as a B2B SEO company, would provide solutions based on the user responses. This process is a lengthy process and takes time.


This is the basic plan which focuses on the SEO services for the small business at a beginner level. Our experts will provide the analysis reports and an action plan for improving the ranking of your website.


This plan includes all the features of the basic Starter Plan. In addition to this, it also includes implementation of the strategies for the growth of traffic at your website. This plan covers a detailed competitor analysis and SEO updates fro On-Page SEO.


This plan will have the services customized for the need of your B2B needs. Apart from that this plan also includes the strategies for up-ranking organic visibility. This plan also focuses on the conversion SEO.

Our Digital Marketing Services For Business to Business

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Our everyday lives are overrun by the Internet. Marketing opportunities are endless. Inbound Marketing - Social Media - SEO - Content Marketing

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Our SEO service is 100% Customized, We understand that every industry has some unique requirements. Market Research - Competitive Analysis

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We have PPC Experts Team in our organization based in Mumbai, India. We are passionate to work on performance driven PPC Campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Over 90% of people are using Social media platforms just for entertainment purpose. Generation has changed, people used TV and Radio for entertainment and information cause and now social media has replaced them.

Content Marketing Agency

We at MintMedia, specialize in providing unique, traffic-generating and quality content writing services with the help of our expert team located in Mumbai, India, in accordance with the industry standards.

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A good website is a spokesperson for a business. It reflects the business purpose and vision.
We Build Websites that Attract,
Communicate and

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Graphic design is creativity, art and imagination combined. Good original designs are the work of genius.

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Branding is the cultivation of perceptions. It is what makes your brand identifiable. Your brand image should be welcomed with love, every-time.

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