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An excellent Logo Design needs VISION, CREATIVITY, and LEGIBILITY!!! We Have It All!

A Logo is the face of your brand or any company! Pick any brand and look at the logo of that brand, every time you will see that the logo somehow represents or conveys a story of the respective brand!

It might seem easy to create a Logo, doesn’t it?

Take a paper!

Draw something related to your company!

Use some bright colors and DONE!

It is not that simple to make a Logo! 

Company Logo Design Services in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, India

    Various factors are taken into consideration such as Size, Design, Font, Brand Relevance and many more.

    Here are some great examples of brands and their logo story!


    It’s time to build your Brand Identity now!

    Logo and Brand identity are two sides of the same coin! They go hand in hand and are the first noticeable thing of any brand! It grabs the attention of a person who first takes a look at any brand!

    Brand Identity consists of:-

    1. Visiting Cards

    2. Letterhead

    3. Envelope

    4. Stationary i.e Pen, Dairy, Notepad,

    5. Signboard

    6.Packaging Items.

    A Brand Identity has to be so unique and unforgettable because it connects your product to the consumers and helps in building a Brand Recognition all around the country and world.

    The most important thing while brainstorming for branding is the color code of logo, alignment, shape, size! They all play the most pivotal role in the making of a Brand Identity! Brand identity increases the frequency of brand visuality. Overall helps in making the strong brand image in the customers’ mind.

    In creating a brand identity one must also observe the application of brand identity in different formats of printing.
    Cautions are to be taken when printing of Visiting cards, letterheads & others as it differs on Paper, Signboard, Banner, Clothing.

    Again, Mint Media is one of the most experienced company in Mumbai on whom you rely completely and we ensure you that we will leave no boundaries untouched to make a brand identity which will be one of a kind!

    We have had the experience to make Brand Identity for many companies and you can be the judge of our creativity!

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      Best Company Logo Design in India - Make Your Virtual Dream Reality With Us

      A logo communicates more about your brand identity and it creates a first impression at the very first glance. As a leading logo design company in India, our experience logo designer knows how to create outstanding logo that stands apart from the crowd and builds its own identity. The main motive behind designing a logo for the company is to deliver the uniqueness that makes them to sustain in the market. Its graphical design and colour combinations facilitate users to recognize the brand of the company.

      In the world of digital marketing, logos are the correspondence way of representing the business. It acts as a visual symbol that represents brand of the business to the customers. Therefore logos are key component of a business and seen on website, visiting card, business cards, digital platforms, advertising channel etc. thus need to be designed in a innovative and creative style that help to get the success of the business. The integration of colours, typography, visual elements is used to project the info about the organization. While these brand logo help to build credibility, enhance brand awareness and connects with new audience.

      Why Choose Mintmedia – Professional Logo Design company in Mumbai:

      An excellent logo design can help your brand to gain high visibility and user traction. At Mintmedia agency, our experts design innovative logos that enhance your brand proposal at cost-effective prices. Our dedicated team member creates the magical logo design using graphical elements, fascinating colour palette, and design art that makes your business logo more creative that grabs millions of eyeballs.

      Detailed brand Analysis: Logo design is undertaken after a thorough analysis of a brand

      Experienced Designers: Our professional have been delivering high end custom logo designs

      Multiple Packages: We have numerous packages to suits diverse business logo design needs

      Multiple Design concepts: We offer various and multiple design concepts for our clients to choose from

      Importance of logo design for companies and organizations:

      Logos reflect the values and the principle of the organizations. It is one of the most influential advertising tools.

      Since Logos reflect the ethics and value of the organization and it is said to be one of the most influential advertising tool. According to the recent survey, it is proven that people recognize and relate the pictures faster than the text. Thus well organized and designed logo can reach the prospective audience and communicate the value of the organization. Thus it is crucial have a beautiful, transparent and magnificence logo for the business because:

      • It create an first impression
      • Build consumers loyalty
      • It’s a powerful marketing tool
      • Establish ownership

      Even though logo design is a small image that is portray either at the left corner side or at the top of the website. Well structure and well designed logo not only attract the customers but also increases sales for the business. Thus a creative design builds the long lasting impression for the business and boosts the traffic for the website. Sound interesting! To know more about such innovative and creative design for your business you can connect with us and our team will assist you with the procedure.

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