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Difference between Website and Blog for Online Business

Starting with the online business has not only become a trend but also necessities for thriving businesses! When we talk about online websites and blogs come to our mind. Both are different and used in a different way to get the best out of it in every industry. Online presence can be defined through websites and blogs are the major forms of digital marketing that describes more about your brand.

Most probably people get confused and exchange two things at a time. Well it is important to understand how these two elements can drive business for the company and cater different needs for the brand.

Before driving into the main concept let’s understand what a website is first?

When people open a browser such as Google chrome, Internet explorer and search www.xyzabc.com, you will end up with the website. When people enter the site they can browse many other web pages which deliver different search queries.

To create a website you need a domain, name, web space to host the site and proper backup file storage. This is also known as web hosting or server. There are a number of online portals where you can place the order and can buy the hosting plans hassle free.

Let’s check the different between Website and Blogs

Business Website: This type of site is also known as service based websites. One can create the professional service based site where they can highlight all their products and services under one roof. These sites can be developed with the help of CMS. You can take the help of wordpress and can create different styles of websites that deliver services to their customers. The complete site can be developed only when you acquire the knowledge of website development and designing.

E-Commerce Website: This type of site is a product based site and can showcase different styles of products through online stores. No matter what the business size is, an Ecommerce platform can be developed easily through CMS platforms? It is easy to display the product online and fascinate your audience through E-commerce websites. As browsing online and making a purchase has become a need for the audience because they need comfort. Ecommerce website provides complete product details, with proper image and other features and specifications. Audience finds it easy to browse and place an order right sitting at their comfort zone.

Portfolio Website: These types of websites are created when people are searching for freelancing work. Portfolio websites can help your clients to check out the work more precisely through portfolios and make the final call. Freelancers can showcase all their activity through websites along with these they can build credibility for their work arena.

What are blogs?

Blog is all about the information or detailing about the product or services. Blogs can be framed on any topics, and can be designed in numerous ways such as articles, blogs, press releases, facebook stories, instagram reels etc. Content writers come up with their own thought process about the particular topics and share their experiences though these concepts.

If you don’t have a business but still you want to earn money through online then you can start your blogging sites. This helps you to get more traffic for the website and you can even start your own income. This income can be generated through Google Adsense but while following the Google guidelines.

Affiliate marketing: Again another way to get some sought of income from online through blog. You can promote other products on your blogging sites and can earn a certain amount of commission based on the products sold to others.

Books and Ebooks: Writers can write books and eBooks that will highlight their skill sets and can be effectively used to drive viewer’s attention towards it.

Therefore when we compare two things at a time both complement each other. Since their content is different but in the world of digitalization you need a strong website for online business and a good content writer. They can write different blogs or articles based on any topics that accentuate the beauty of your online store in different forms. Website will reach the potential audience and showcase the product and services. Blog will inform your audience about the latest updates and details about the product and services.

Hope the above differentiation will help you to start your online business soon without any hesitations.

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