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Social Media Marketing Services

Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline. We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

SETUP - Not all social networks have same set of design rules. We set up optimized profile and have own set of design parameters which matches your brand for a particular social network.

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY FOR ORGANIZATION - An up-to-date and active social media policy is as essential today as telephone and personal computer policies were in earlier times.

Until people have a lot of experience in social media they are going to make mistakes unless they get good guidance ... the kind of guidance social media policies provide. We give social media policies to the company.

VISUAL CONTENT CREATION - We create all sorts of infographics, videos, images for different social networks: facebook, twitter, instagram or linkedin.

Using a social media without at strategy for your business is like playing football without plays. Get a plan together so that you do it right from the first time.

We set up social media strategies based on your bio persona and your goal.

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    Social media is our favorite playground. It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s where our minds thrive. It’s where we tell brand stories. It’s where experiences are created and memories are born.


    First we understand your brand, its presence, and its perception on social media. Then we make evil plans for your brand to rule the internet!


    Behaviors change, and people do even more so. With real-time listening, we know what will work before it becomes a “trend”. Damn, we must be good!


    Once we’ve done the grunt-work, we begin defining your brand. Who it needs to become. (And how to make the other brands at the party jealous.)


    Successful brands don’t just talk. They listen. They spark conversations. Conversations that turn into experiences. Experiences that turn into memories.

    Our Social Media Marketing Agency Process

    When quality meets consistency, the most effective social media marketing happens. In this list you can see the primary areas of social media marketing that we focus:

    • Promotions & Social Campaigns
    • Integrate Social Media Activity into Other Marketing Plans
    • Monitoring
    • Analytics

    1. Guide You to Create Engaging Social Content

    With thorough preparation and planning, our team will create an engaging social calendar for catering your audience and meeting your goals. With this social calendar, we can keep your audience engaged while growing their numbers.

    2. Promotions and Social Campaigns

    We will utilize your social media platforms to create engaging content that will attract more targeted visitors to your arena. These campaigns can as lengthy as 6 months or as short as a single day. We can analyze the results of each campaign and send you a detailed report. Results and analytics from each of these campaigns can be compared and the most successful ones can be replicated.

    3. Integrate Social Media Activity into Marketing Plans

    Social media posting is not just about giveaways, sales, contests, and/or promotions, but also keeping your prospect audience highly engaged and thus keeping them in constant subliminal connection with your business. We will masterfully integrate social media activities to promote other marketing plans.

    4. Sustained Monitoring

    We thoroughly monitor the real-time results from each and every campaign and generate data that can be analyzed to reveal the taste and engagement modes of your target audience. While managing your SM accounts we will answer any questions, comments, and posts within two hours. The two hours cut-off will allow us enough time to gather the most accurate information as the reply for the query.

    5. Analytics

    We will intimate you with:

    Weekly and Monthly Analytics; Includes: follower growth, reach, demographics, comments, “Likes”, shares, retweets, etc.

    Reporting - Regular reports summarizing the events and activities of a set time period.

    We will set up a meeting accordingly to jointly review the results and to discuss the required alterations.

    6. Facebook

    @Likes @Emoticons @Engagement @Comments @Replies @Pokes @Tags

    7. Instagram

    #Love #Fashion #Foodie #Natural #OTD #popular #brands #brandimage

    8. Twitter

    #tweets #popular #trending #brands #brandimage #brandpositioning

    9. LinkedIn

    _Follow _Likes _Comments _Profile _B2B _Professional _Corporate _CEO

    10. YouTube

    ♡Like ♡Share ♡Subscribe ♡Watch ♡Videos ♡Trending ♡Streaming ♡Live



    Our secret: We are the young, wired, urban audience on social media.



    Combining audience insight and network strength, our strategists create ideas that are developed with social media in mind. The result? Strong concepts which also work on other media. Win-win.



    Social media is your digital storefront. You need to clean up the mess regularly. Hence, our moderation services, which are customized to suit your individual needs.

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      Social Media Marketing Services Companies in India - Make Your Virtual Dream Reality With Us

      Social media has becomes a vital aspect of everyone’s life. People all around the globe are utilizing social media platform to interact and connect with their loved ones. Due to its evolving popularity social media is no longer just a communicating platform. But it defines as a platform where one can not only communicate with the prospective audience but also promote their respective business through diverse social platforms.

      Sound’s interesting! Utilizing social media is a one of the finest way to connect with consumers all across the globe. It facilitates an organization to reach globally through its network. With innovative combinations of stimulating creative’s, diverse tactics and fascinating story line can win the millions of hearts. At MintMedia digital marketing agency we strive to guide our clients to get their brand right in front of their consumers.

      Social media marketing is one of the vital platforms of digital marketing that helps brand to connect people socially through diverse medium. As brand one can interact with their audience through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. With the services it is easy to boost client’s business potential, evolve brand loyalty and drive traffic towards the business.

      It helps your business to reach organically and enhance sales. Our dedicated team helps organization to define social profiles in presentable manners through rich quality content and interesting videos. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. platforms are used for promoting product and services in a different ways to reach the specific audience.

      Our team of committed Social Media professional can work with brands of any size and get life into their social media campaigns. This is how we start with:

      • Identify the precise social media platform to build your brand
      • Create a valuable and effective social media tactics
      • Design pioneering campaigns
      • Build strong consumers relationship with brand
      • Curate innovative, interesting, entertaining post, story and video to share
      • Concentrate more on conversion, ROI and brand value for the company.

      Benefits of using social media for organizations:

      • No matter what your business size is, social media platforms surely drive the benefits to the company.
      • It helps to build strong online presence among the users.
      • If these platforms are optimized and used wisely than it delivers best outcomes.
      • Social platform plays a crucial role in order to drive sales and conversion.
      • It also helps creating loyalty and credibility in the viewers mind.
      • These platforms not only assist to build online reputation but also generate leads for the business.
      • It is cost effective and reduces the unwanted expenses for marketing.

      It’s a right time to invest your brand and time in social media. In this current scenario people are more active on web than the other source of traditional marketing. Therefore it is important to make use of social media marketing platform to stay in touch with audience and sustain the business presence. If you wanted to know more how social media can help your business to grow and evolve in diverse channels than feel hesitate to contact us. Our team will assist with the social media marketing services that can empower your brand and enhance your visibility right in front of your audience.

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