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The internet has created a new way of reaching prospects called Internet Marketing.

Of the several ways of reaching clients for business communication and transactions, one of the most effective methods is Email marketing service.

Email marketing service is one of the vital tools for doing business on the cyber space as it enriches communication and allow companies personalize their messages, thereby producing better results than advertisements on TV and radio.

When properly done, email marketing helps convert prospects to customers and turn one time buyers to loyal customers.

Despite increased popularity of the social media and unsolicited spam (which is a bad marketing strategy), email marketing remains the most effective tool for nurturing leads and converting them to repeat-customers.

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    Email marketing services is still relevant as statistics indicates below

    • 94% of internet users use email while only 61% use social media (Source: Hostpapa)
    • 75% of adults say that email marketing is their preferred marketing method
    • 91% of customers check their email on a daily basis (Source: Litmus)
    • People who buy products through email marketing spend 138% more than those who do not receive email (Source: Convince and Convert)
    • The average order value of an email is 3 times higher than social media (Source: McKinsey)

    Key Benefits of a promotional video

    Build-RelationshipBuild Relationship

    Sending emails helps enrich the relationship between a customer and a company. It helps foster trust in a product, and encourages customer loyalty and repeat business.

    Target MarketsTarget Markets

    Email marketing service helps businesses reach people who have opted in to receive email communications on specific topics of interest. It helps create personalized and relevant messages.

    Build-RelationshipHigher ROI

    Email marketing allows businesses to track their investments and know how to improve. When done by professionals, it has proven to be highly effective.

    Target MarketsList Ownership

    Using social media platforms puts a business at risk of being suspended or deleted at anytime because of a rule or policy. Email marketing service makes a better alternative as you own your list which no one can take from you.

    Build-RelationshipCost Effective

    Email marketing is an inexpensive way to advertise products to customers which help businesses cut cost. Rather than pay per time for each advert on social media, email marketing allows businesses to reach many customers without huge costs.

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      Best Bulk Email Marketing Agency

      Email marketing – a simple answer to a traditional marketing problem!

      Email marketing has the power to influence your audience through its direct messages and builds strong connectivity. This plays a very crucial role in digital marketing that helps to convey your message, promote your business product and services through emails. This not only helps to measure the result but also builds loyalty among subscribers which makes your brand stand apart from crowd.

      At MintMedia Digital marketing agency, we strive to use each platform in diverse ways to generate maximum profits for our clients business. We believe in integrated marketing campaigns that are creative as well as successful. Emailers act as more promising medium to promote and convey message to the customers through Web or mobiles. Through email marketing campaign, it is easy to target the potential audience for the best outcomes.

      To sustain a healthy consumer relationship management it is vital to use integrated CRM to reorganize businesses and enhance sales. It has numerous advantageous for small and mid size organizations. To get the maximum privileges it is benefits to use the best email software that help business to grow, boost conversion and enhance revenues for the business.

      MintMedia agency monitors every phase of marketing campaign that delivers fully automated services such as:

      Create an Email marketing campaigns: It is important to create campaign in such a way that it delivers a direct message to your potential audience about your business. Our team generates ideas and creates diverse strategies to promote our clients business through emails.

      Targeted Audience: We target those audiences who are genuinely searching a way to connect with your business. This not only save your time but it also reduces your cost while running a campaign.

      Build Customer Relationship: It is crucial to build credibility among customers and to maintain this loyalty we deliver services and the product what our audience are exactly searching for without compromising the quality.

      Generate Leads: Every business running online search for the conversion and try their level best to convert as lead. As digital agency we try our level best to generate quality output for our clients where they can get maximum benefits out of it.

      Easiest Way to Reach Audience: Email has a power to influence larger audience and it is the fastest means to reach wider audience. Anyone who has active email address can be easily targeted through email campaigns. There are chances that 92% of the emails get delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox depending on the matter. This not only increases the deliver rate but also increase the conversion. However it ensures that the consumers get the direct message thus it builds brand awareness and increases brand visibility.

      Highest Return on Investment: However it is proven that email has highest rate of conversion through its efficient strategies. It also serves the highest return on investment to the company. Emails are cost effective, personalized messages which help the consumers to click through and place an order. This also increases ROI through the campaign.

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