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Digital Marketing Services in Hiranandani Estate

Our everyday lives are overrun by the Internet. Marketing opportunities are endless. At MintMedia, we make use of these opportunities wisely.

Get full fledge creative digital marketing business expert in Hiranandani Estate. Agency of complete solutions on ecommerce internet marketing with professional consultant advertising. We are top online marketing companies specialist for startups with cheap packages in Hiranandani Estate

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SEO Services in Hiranandani Estate

Our SEO service is 100% Customized.Top SEO in digital marketing is a very important aspect for companies, we are a best search engine optimization company for on page seo and off page seo in Hiranandani Estate. As an expert seo agency we do complete audit of websites even do consultant on video seo, content writing, analysis, audit etc.

Mint Media do provide advanced google local seo services at affordable packages in Hiranandani Estate. Best business like ecommerce SEO Company for copywriting in cheap pricing packages.

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PPC Services in Hiranandani Estate

Looking for PPC services or Google SEM advertising agency in Hiranandani Estate for your company then do connect with Mint Media. We are specialized in Googleadservices & pay per click ppc campaign management with cheap pricing, get global and local display ads services.

In Hiranandani Estate our company packages include SEM, Search engine marketing, Video YouTube ads, app marketing, google guaranteed ads etc.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Hiranandani Estate

In Hiranandani Estate we have all types of social media marketing services which include Facebook Marketing, Instagram Advertising, Tiktok, Twitter ads, LinkedIn company etc.

Best pricing companies in Hiranandani Estate for smm in digital marketing, Top SMO social media optimization agency. Join the revolution to promote your business in your locality near me.


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Content Writing Services Agency in Hiranandani Estate

Get the best creative content marketing services for your business with cheap packages in Hiranandani Estate. We are a blog content creation agency who works on all type of digital, copywriting, online and inbound seo content article writing services.

We have professional content writers in our company in house and freelance who works on blogging and other content strategy in Hiranandani Estate.

Creative Graphic Design Agency in Hiranandani Estate

We create exceptional best Graphic content with best companies for designers and illustration web design for branding in Hiranandani Estate. Our services for branding or rebranding is best in the world, top companies works with us in cheap packages.

Get company unlimited logo, emailers and other firms design service provider packages in Hiranandani Estate.

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Branding or Rebranding Agency in Hiranandani Estate

Best branding is a series of actions you take to cherish your brand in Hiranandani Estate. Top digital brand and rebrand marketing for any corporate logo companies or personal agency to create awareness in Hiranandani Estate.

Web Development Company in Hiranandani Estate

Best design your website with professional website designer & developers agency in Hiranandani Estate. Our company provide top professional custom mobile app development software and responsive Ecommerce services for business.

Ecommerce web development company in Hiranandani Estate for all CMS like WordPress development services, Magento, Drupal and all type of android business services.

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Basic Principles of Graphic Design

Graphic design are the means of visually conveying specific ideas or messages. The visual content ranges from business logo to page layouts on a website. Most often, you come across different types of graphic design e.g., on books, magazines, blogs, album covers, t-shirt designs and corporate advertisements etc. in the form of photography, iconography, illustration and typography.

This article will give you an understanding of the basic principles of graphic designs because from time to time you will come across the tips and tricks to create outstanding designs but remember tricks are many, principles are few, tricks tend to change but principles never do. So without further ado, let’s take a look-


Balance refers to the placement of different elements of a design in a way that it appears stable. A balanced layout means even distribution of the different elements of graphic design, such as pictures, texts and shapes etc. Hence, Designers can prefer to design a layout as balanced (stable) or off-balanced (dynamic). Balance is further classified into three types- Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and Radial.

  • Symmetrical – Elements on one side of the design are similar to the elements on opposite side.
  • Asymmetrical –The two sides are kept different but overall layout appears balanced. It is mostly used in websites, as the two sides of a webpage contain similar elements but are not identical.
  • Radial– The elements of a design are placed around a central point on the layout. This gives a sense of motion.


Alignment helps to create order, organize different elements. It is important to arrange elements because they must line-up in some way so that the readability of design gets improved and viewer easily grasps the essence of design.


This method combines dominance and priority, to direct the path of viewer’s eye towards specific elements by emphasizing them. It allows brands to communicate their message by creating focal areas in the design. Particular elements are stressed by highlighting, adding shapes, using colorful visuals etc.


Contrast is a vital principle that catches customer’s attention by making certain elements stand out in a design. This distinction is created by placing 2 elements in opposition with each- other. It can be in the form of size, color, texture, intensity etc.


Rhythm is the feeling of organized and consistent movement. Repetition of certain elements can strengthen the overall look and make the artwork appear active.


Proximity helps in creating a feeling of harmony between different element. It forms a visual connection among the different components such as color, font, type or size, which gives a sense of completeness.

7.White space 

White space (also called negative space) is the empty area in between the elements in the design layout. It gives a design, more room to breathe. Also, inclusion of a lot of elements sometimes creates confusion so it is suggested to go with the idea of minimalism that improves scannability and legibility of design. Hence white space principle ensures removing all the elements that interfere with aesthetics and main purpose of design.


Mastering Graphic designing begins with a simple step which is wholeheartedly imbibing the significance of each principle and reflecting it in designs. Therefore, incorporate these principles to make creative and inviting designs that will enhance user experience thereby improving your design’s performance.

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