If your business falls into the sector of IT technology or software solutions, you must be in the need that your website should be sighted at the top of the search engines in India or any location of the globe. We at MintMedia can support you with our long experience and expertise in the IT and Software Industry SEO.

Our team of experts will provide your business with the solutions for the excellent outcomes as we possess the proficiency for providing the services to the industries in IT, hardware and software.

Since the beginning, we always deploy the efficient SEO for IT Companies. Additionally, we have prior experience of the IT and Software industry as a firm of web developers, IT services and training service providers. This combination of our area of expertise puts us as the leading solution providers. We specialize in improving visibility, traction, leads, conversion rate, ROI and your overall business.

We will analyze your website. Then we would target particular keywords and the phrases on the monthly basis. This will help your website for an enhanced presence on search engines. This will cause eventual traction in the traffic and the leads. Situated in Thane, we at MintMedia , also provide our clients with the detailed SEO reports on a periodic basis.


  • We understand deeply the niche crowd of your industry
  • Our experts are proficient at increasing the overall ranking of your website on the search engines.
  • Our team of experts will achieve the robust enhancement into the IT and Software related industry.
  • We do not ask you to sign any contract with us
  • We always achieve the SEO outcomes through the ethical ways


  • When you would approach us, we will first analyze and finalize the business SEO objectives (Goals) for your website.
  • We will then perform a complete Competitor Analysis. In which we will identify your business competitors and then we would do a keyword analysis of your competitor’s website. We would perform the comparison between your website and theirs based on certain keywords and phrases. We will also compare your ranking compared to theirs.
  • Then we perform a comprehensive keyword analysis for your website in its existing state. We identify the areas of weakness, existing issues and problems with your website regarding website architecture, technical functionalities, loading performance, and other issues related to the content. We then provide you with the analysis report and the action plan. Based upon that we provide you with the details cost budget.

After finalizing all these basic steps we then begin the implementation of the action plan. after a week of implementing the solutions, you can see the actual results have begun, of your business moving towards the SEO Optimization.

  • Depending upon the necessities of your business, the structure, size, and functionality of your website, we suggest you to start making appropriate use of certain keywords. we also advise and provide solutions regarding the improvement of the navigation, loading-time as well as the overall user experience, on your page. This process occurs with thorough discussions between the involved teams at your side and our team of experts. Based upon the mutual decisions we decide the further strategy.

Increasing the traffic on your website is just a small part of the SEO. We perform a thorough behavioral analysis of a visitor at your site. We track his habits, inclinations and the trend his choices. This allows us to finalize our changes in the page structure, content and in our overall SEO strategies. Also, this helps immensely in converting a mear visitor into the lead.


The Return of Interest (ROI) is the most important factor used to capture the SEO performance. It gives the quantifiable measure of the growth in your business.

Calculating the ROI for your business is pretty easy. We will share the data of the volume of business on your website before the SEO. Then we would provide the detailed, monitored data regarding the rise in the business volume for your business. These reports also contain the increase in inquiry and traction in the sales. It is a very simplified way of monitoring the performance of the SEO for your business.

If your business falls under the IT sector if you are a company of Software development, manufacturers in hardware, partners/retailers or in the service industry you need the SEO for the better performance of your business. At MintMedia, with our highly qualified team in Mumbai have extensive experience in the field of SEO for Software Companies, we would deliver the desired SEO results for your company.

Our Digital Marketing Services For Software and IT

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Digital Marketing Services

Our everyday lives are overrun by the Internet. Marketing opportunities are endless. Inbound Marketing - Social Media - SEO - Content Marketing

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO service is 100% Customized, We understand that every industry has some unique requirements. Market Research - Competitive Analysis

(PPC) Pay Per Click Services

We have PPC Experts Team in our organization based in Mumbai, India. We are passionate to work on performance driven PPC Campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Over 90% of people are using Social media platforms just for entertainment purpose. Generation has changed, people used TV and Radio for entertainment and information cause and now social media has replaced them.

Content Marketing Agency

We at MintMedia, specialize in providing unique, traffic-generating and quality content writing services with the help of our expert team located in Mumbai, India, in accordance with the industry standards.

Web Design & Development

A good website is a spokesperson for a business. It reflects the business purpose and vision.
We Build Websites that Attract,
Communicate and

Creative Graphic Design

Graphic design is creativity, art and imagination combined. Good original designs are the work of genius.

Digital Branding Company

Branding is the cultivation of perceptions. It is what makes your brand identifiable. Your brand image should be welcomed with love, every-time.

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