Trends which will shape future of Marketing

In the words of Bobby Knight – “The key is not the will to win, everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important!”

Modern world has entirely changed the determinants of power. These aren’t wealth ‘n’ weapon anymore, these are technology, connectivity & to be more precise DIGITALISATION. It’s not big beating the small; it’s fast beating the slow. Unfortunately, CORONA pushed even this fast-moving world into a slow lane. ‘We can’t go back to normal’, as threatening as this sentence sounds, we just can’t ignore the plethora of opportunities lurking beneath it. There’s a beginning, there’s an end and in middle lies the treatment and we must make most of this treatment phase.

Let’s face the truth- ‘Everything can wait but not marketing!’ So take a dekko at some trends which came into existence due to Covid-19 and how these have the potential to shape the future of marketing:

  • People’s thirst and search for true meaning in life and in work has increased. We are all feeling grateful for all the little things more than ever. People, definitely, are going to seek for things with appealing higher purpose and this higher purpose can be set to hit any aspect be it- social, behavioral, environmental, cultural. It will depend on what you wish to offer and seek. It will not just provide meaning to your product and service but will also establish Brand visibility.
  • Second most common trend is need for Social Connection and the befitting response to this need will be in form of Brand Community, having brand website or social media as its focal point and covering wide variety of people who are willing to share common interest, passion or rationality. It will promote Brand involvement.
  • In continuation with these trends, third is Authentic Communication. Only those stories gets acknowledged which belongs to people. It’s not the description that establishes authentic communication but the stories. Stories live, stories rule, stories catch attention, stories change perception, stories stimulate action. People align with stories because they are theirs. So communicating in form of meaningful stories will definitely result in a loyal fan base.
  • The final trend is Dealing with Market Dynamics and it creates Brand leadership. This factor breaks the chain of passively responding to the situation and stimulates to take a lead. This can be achieved by unveiling something irreplaceable, irreplaceable stems from innovation or finding a subcategory that redefines the existing brand. To be exemplar, one need to position the subcategory, build the customer base that will scale up initial growth and build barriers so that competitors can’t keep up with brand’s pace.

In a nutshell, don’t dwell in nutshell, rather immerse in technology, connectivity and digitalization to explore the latest trends because marketing is really easy once you crack the code.

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