Top 7 Attractive Product Launch Ideas Every Advertiser Should Know Mint Media

Top 7 Attractive Product Launch Ideas Every Advertiser Should Know

According to recent research more than 40,000 new products are launched every year and most of them get flop from the industry within few weeks. The reason behind this is, most of organizations are paying attentions on ideal product and overlook the product launch aspects until it’s too late in the market.  Businesses need to make structured advertising strategy which involves new product launch ideas that demonstrate the brand story and reaches the potential audiences.

Product launches are crucial for any business as it’s the first step that grabs the millions of eye balls. We have got some of the attractive product launch ideas that not only generate leads but also assured the conversion in sales.  However brand awareness and product recognition are as crucial as getting new consumers and should be one of the objectives when gathering product launch ideas.

Top 7 Attractive Product Launch Ideas

Social Media Teaser Launch:  The main objective of every business is to highlight your product in front of end number of users without spending much from the pocket. Here is when social media platforms come into picture that helps to create buzz in the market. There are approximately 3.5 million active users using the social media channels every year.

Thus as an advertisers you have to plan in such a way that you can tempt your audience through the product launch teaser.  A Teaser campaign on Facebook and Twitter is the most suitable way to let the viewer’s knows that something new is coming soon from your brand. It is advised to launch the campaign prior to 25 to 35 days before the actual product launch to create a buzz on social media.

Use Influencer Marketing:  Influencer marketing is one of the finest product launch strategy used by the businesses all across the globe. Influencers have built the credibility and imperative fan following that influences perceptions of any brand. Businesses are using to promote their product and ask blogger to write in blog, article and website regarding their product prospective.

Take Pre orders: Another most standard product launch idea is considering pre-order. Pre-orders are bit efficient for companies that have a credible audience base who will make a purchase anytime if the brand releases new products. This is an outstanding method to create a buzz and sense of curiosity among the customers.

Plan an effective product launch through event: Event planning is the best option to make the announcement about the newly product idea. To deliver great results it is better to create a buzz, curiosity and understanding the user’s experience. It also increases the sales, pre-orders in future. Try to make the event memorable so that people should talk about it and your message gets spread through word of mouth strategy. You can even take it live through Facebook, tweet, instagram etc.

Create a Story around your product: Content narrates the brand story through diverse platforms and highlight each and every aspect of product and services. Product launch need a story because it helps to connect with the audience faster and if the story is realistic than it last long in viewers head. Creating an innovative, informative and interesting story can fascinate the audiences also create positive testimonials for the brand.

Plan and Host Contest: This is another way to come in front of your consumers with the contestant and puzzles. You can make the proper quiz plan that not only give rewards but also boost your product visibility in front of your audience. Sometime it works like a magic and people believe what they see and hear about it.

Make it about the users: No doubt that the product launch will speak about the company and product but always ensure the benefits that audience will gain after using the product. This will build the strong connectivity among new consumers and old one will stay connected as always. Product advantages, benefits and uses are the best combo that works effectively in front of viewers. Sometimes even a trial gives you the 100% results through the product launch.

However the above ideas would definitely help you to launch your product with great creativity and enhance your brand in front of your users.

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